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If you have been thinking I would like to get my credit score you have came to the right place! NFS Credit Report provides customers with easy access to their credit scores in a secure online environment. All reporting agencies grade your credit based on a score which is used by lenders nationwide to determine loan qualifications. With NFS you are entitled to a free credit score report for each agency once per year. Proceed to get your Credit Score.

What Is A Good Credit Score?

Credit scores are assigned as an overall grade based on open credit accounts, amount of credit available, amount of credit used, length of credit history and repayment history. Credit scores are graded between 300-850.

Credit Score Meaning Grade
300-500 Bad F
500-600 Poor D
600-700 Average C
700-750 Good B
750-850 Excellent A

All customers are entitled to receive a Free Credit Score from all three credit reporting agencies each year. So if you have found yourself wondering "What is my credit score" you can find out in minutes by obtaining a copy of your credit report which shows your credit scores on each one. Getting your free credit score online provides you with instant access and you are able to print it out for your records.