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A 3 in 1 credit score provides you with all the information you need to know because it is a score from all 3 credit reporting bureaus combined into one easy to read report. Many people fail to get a score from all three credit bureaus simply because they do not know that there are 3. This can be a huge surprise to individuals who are looking to make a large purchase such as a house because your lender will examine all three credit scores when determining your eligibility for financing. You can easily obtain your 3 in 1 credit score online today and be able to find inaccuracies on your report before a lender brings it to your attention.

Why You Should Check All 3 Credit Scores Each Year

There are several reasons for checking all three credit scores at least once a year. You should examine your credit to prevent inaccuracies which can affect financing approvals or lead to higher interest rates. Another good reason to know what is on your credit score is to spot things like identity theft or simply derogatory credit ratings which has already been cleared up. The 3 in 1 credit scoret is one of the simplest credit score reports to understand and it lets you know immediately what finance professionals see. To get your score containing scores from all 3 bureaus you can do so by going to our online service and select the option 3 in 1 Credit Score .